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Marisa Angelis is an Austalian Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Promoter who holds four nominations including 'Australian of the Year 2003' - Short List http://au.linkedin.com/in/marisaangelis

Video Art


Blue by Marisa Angelis
Poetic Art Design Presentation
© Marisa H. Angelis

The Work of Angels Poem, Digital Photography and Design
© Copyright marisaangelis.com

The Poppy

2011 © MarisaAngelis.com ART
The Poppy from the Greek 'Gods' Hypnos sleep & Morpheus dreams made it the symbol of 'winter sleep of vegetation' Poppy
symbol Rememberance


The Universal Ocean Poem Digital Photography and Design
© Copyright  marisaangelis.com

Marisa Angelis Discusses Her Artwork, Influences, Inspiration, Self Motivation -
This is an Art Video photography presentation and Narration and Visual Journey of Marisa Angelis's Career, including Art Design and Paintings.
Educational, Fun, Entertaining Positive and Motivating!
By Marisa H. Angelis © Copyright
www.marisaangelis.com Artist Designer Writer Poet Philanthropist Humanitarian Promoter Four Nominations including "Australian of the Year 2003" Short List  http://www.marisaangelis.com

Poetry recital G'day and Australia by Marisa Angelis

People poem and painting by Marisa Angelis